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Most companies have a debt profile which includes all of the outstanding obligations they're required to pay such as equipment financing, SBA loans or commercial mortgages. When there's a need for a quick boost of capital to cover urgent needs or to take advantage of an opportunity usually business owners call the bank for solutions. What happens when the bank says "no"?

Boost funding is quick, it doesn't require collateral and funding of approved requests happens in just 48 hours - so let's see what that's about.

Private lenders fill the gaps left by commercial banks who because of their reliance on the Federal Reserve don't have much incentive to take risks by lending unsecured capital to small businesses - that gap in funding access is filled by private sector lenders who provide cash and take the risks which are much higher than normal commercial loans.

Revenues are the last "asset class" most working businesses have to use so private lenders tap into the business revenue stream by "factoring" (this means purchasing future revenues in exchange for cash now).

Boost capital is more expensive because it carries much higher risk for the lender - recent boost funding's cost about 25 cent's on the dollar on average. Terms for re-payment range from 6-24 months.

When is it best to use boost capital?

Every business has reasons to use boost capital - there's a need for extra inventory, a TAX situation came up, one of the owners needs to cash out due to illness or other family situation... honestly there are too many reasons to list.

It's probably not a good idea to use boost capital to make payroll or cover normal operations because the cost is prohibitive. If your company is having a problem covering expenses from it's normal operations it's probably time to re-evaluate your model and look for cost cutting policies until you can maintain financial autonomy.

The best reason to use boost funding is for any need your company has which requires immediate, efficient and uncomplicated capital.

Call me so we can talk about your project or immediate capital needs - I return calls and work directly with ownership to secure optimal terms and quick funding.

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